Jewelry Restoration and Repair Service Can Make Your Jewelry Shine Bright Again!

Make Your Jewelry Shine Bright!

Did you ever buy a piece of jewelry that you loved dearly but over time it became dull? Or did you get a bright and shiny bracelet on your wedding anniversary, but it is scratched up and old now? Don't you get upset when you keep your jewelry safe and protected, but it still starts losing its shine? Have you kept such pieces due to their sentimental value? If yes, then we have good news for you. We can help make your old jewelry as good as new!

Let us take a look at our process of making your jewelry shine bright.

1. To get rid of scratches, your jewelry will be polished and buffed. It will give your jewelry a shiny and bright new look that you wanted. Polishing jewelry is not a simple task. It requires knowledge and precision. Only a professional jeweler will know the right material to use for cleaning your jewelry to protect its stones. Thankfully, our team consists of professional jewelers who can make your jewelry shine bright easily.

2. Wearing jewelry every day or even occasionally makes it dirty and old. You may not see it, but your jewelry is home to oil, lotions, dirt, sweat, etc. Our professional jewelers will clean the gemstones and metal in your jewelry. There are various cleaning processes for cleaning jewelry. A cleaning process is chosen based on the type of gemstone in your jewelry. For tougher gemstones like Sapphire, Ruby and Diamond, an ultrasonic cleaner will be perfect. Delicate gemstones like Peals and Opals are to be cleaned and handled carefully.

3. To get rid of any dirt or cleaning agents, your jewelry will be steam cleaned. This will complete the deep-cleaning process of your jewelry. Your jewelry will then be fresh and ready to be used again.

If you have any jewelry at your home that has a broken chain or stones, you can also bring it to us. Our professional jewelers have years of expertise in the profession. They will mend and repair your broken jewelry in no time.

We take pride in serving you using the latest tools and pieces of equipment that help our experts repair your jewelry with great precision. We are pleased to have professional jewelers as part of our qualified team. We ensure that your jewelry is polished, repaired and fit to be worn on your special days. We know how priceless your jewelry pieces are. So we always handle all jewelry with great care and caution. You will not be disappointed if you place your trust in us. We can truly make your jewelry shine bright!

So what are you waiting for? Start looking for those old earrings and that broken necklace. Bring them to us and we’ll make them even better than before. After we complete the deep cleaning and repairing process on your jewelry, it will be a great addition to your jewelry collection. You will be able to accessorize our polished and repaired jewelry pieces with any outfit to create an amazing new look!

Gearing Up For Spring 2021? Here’s What You Must Have in Your Closet

Are you looking to make a style statement this spring? Do you want to up your fashion game? Worry not! After hours of detailed research into the fashion and jewelry trends 2021, we have compiled a list of what’s hot this spring. Read below and plan your outfits according to the fashion trends 2021.

Embrace The Jewels!

From stud earrings to big hoops, jewelry trends have come a long way. With the most suitable trendy and chic necklace or earrings, you can easily make your outfit a hit with everyone! Here's what you need to keep close in Spring 2021.

1. Pearls are pretty again

Gone is the time when pearls were only your grandma’s go-to jewelry. In the coming spring season, pearl necklaces and pearl earrings are all game! Pair your pearly pieces with a maxi dress or a floral shirt and your outfit will make heads turn!

2. Go Beautiful with Beach Beads

After spending summer 2020 in quarantine, everyone misses going to the beach. There's no better way to honor this memory by pairing up your casual shirt with bright, rich and colorful beach beads jewelry.

3. Back with the Chains

Remember when it was all about the chains? Jewelry trends 2021 are all about those big, small, delicate and heavy chains. Start accessorizing your daily outfits with some handmade or store bought chains for a new-look this season. Go bold or go simple but embrace the chains this season!

4. Let the Earrings Hang Loose

Spring 2021 will bring with it shoulder-grazing earrings. It's time to fill your jewelry box with some long, style pieces of shoulder-grazing earrings. This season, put on your mask and still be the center of attention with your shiny or dull, feathery or rusty shoulder-grazing earrings.

5. Silver Shines Brightly

Let your gold pieces rest this season. Jewelry trends 2021 are all about that silver shine. As you head out to a party or even to the local market, don’t forget to accessorize correctly with a silver ring or a silver chain to pin together any casual or formal outfit.

6. Go Metallic

Hard and rough metallic pieces are making their way in jewelry trends 2021. It’s time you toughen up your game by putting aside your delicate pieces of jewelry. Pair up a crushed metallic piece of jewelry with your monochrome outfit or an oversized boyfriend jacket.

7. Abstract is Beautiful

Many designers have made friends with abstract jewelry designs for Spring 2021. So make sure you have few abstract pieces of jewelry in your vanity box to make the right statement at every dinner party and lunch date.

Dress To Impress!

Now that you know what to add to your jewelry box this season, let's work on filling in your wardrobe by keeping up with the fashion trends 2021. From designers' favorite pieces to the celebrity's go-to colors, we've prepared a list that includes trendy, chic and easy-on-the-budget outfit choices.

1. Wear White

For fashion trends 2021, white is the favorite color of all. It is the best time to take out that old white hoodie or that white scarf and pair it with a colorful dress. You cannot go wrong with a white dress when you add a pearl necklace or a chain to your outfit.

2. Magnificent Monochrome

The ultimate chic color combo- black and white is the next big thing for fashion trends 2021. Buy a black skirt to pair it with a white shirt or go for a chequered monochrome baggy trouser this season! You could also create new and fashionable outfits by cutting old outfits and stitching them together. Get working and create (or buy) trendy pieces for Spring 2021.

3. Pretty Pastels

Pastel colors continue to dominate the fashion world in Spring 2021. Pastels are beautiful and soft color options for your summer outfits. Embrace those mint greens, pinks and azures this season. To make a lasting impression in 2021, go with a lavender-colored dress or a minty green skirt paired with a whimsy yellow shirt.

4. Flowers are in!

If you’re someone who loves floral patterns, Spring 2021 brings you good news! Floral jackets, floral dresses, floral shirts are all a big yes this season. Get your hands on a bright and beautiful floral piece as soon as you can. It will bring the right color pop to your outfit.

5. Feathery Fun

Bird feathers are making their way in fashion trends 2021. Make your outfits speak for themselves by going for feathery sleeves or feathery skirts this season. And what better way to accessorize your feathery dress than with some abstract or metallic pieces of jewelry?

6. Let The Pants Loose

Skinny jeans or pants may not be the way to go this season. The trending wide-legged pants this Spring 2021 will help you hide those extra five pounds! Go crazy with baggy trousers using hit color choices such as dull yellow, camel or plain white.

7. The Revival of Headscarves

The 50s and 60s are making their way into fashion trends 2021 with the headscarves. Add a colorful or single-colored silk headscarf to your outfit to save your hair from damage. A headscarf, along with your mask, will also give you a celebrity-feel. Your floral dress or pastel skirt will stand out with a silk headscarf. Style your headscarf by tying it under the chin and feel pretty!

With these jewelry trends and fashion trends 2021, take a chance this time! Do not be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. You may end up liking it more than you expect!



The art of making jewelry dates back to 100,000 years to a time when ancient crafted jewelry for personal decoration. Throughout history gold has been treasured for its natural beauty and sparkling nature. The gradual discovery of ornamental materials and new gems in combination with the modern procedure of crafting jewelry made it to be the most treasured element in the world.

You must have heard from the history that the world jewelry is derived from the Latin word Jocale meaning “plaything”

Gold is measured in Karat which is divided in 24 parts. This unit of measurement tells us the percentage of gold in pieces. Pure gold is 24 carats, which means 24 out of 24 parts are gold but pure gold is too soft for jewelry hence it’s alloyed with different metals silver, zinc, bronze and copper to increase its strength and durability.

22 karat gold is the common trade gold across the Asian community and refers to purity of gold, one interesting fact is 22 karat consist of some portion of alloy mixed with gold but you’ll be surprised to find out that 22 karat is considered ideal or the best choice for making quality jewelry, 22 karat jewelry are dream of all the enchanting ladies with pierce desire to stand on top of the world which offer men and women a choice for their regular changing jewelry.

In the olden days it was worn as protection from the dangers of life (the like of Mangalsutra is known to control body pressure level and make steady circulation in the body of the person wearing it) it is culturally believe that wearing gold is good for health and prevent the person wearing it from falling sick. It is also seeing as a mark of status or rank but in our modern day of passion and desire it is most atime seeing as sign of rich heritage.

India is popularly known for its vision for beauty, art and life, unique and intricate design and quality, the Art and Culture of India cannot be fully understood without understanding the fashion of gold procurement in India. As the idea of beauty varies for different culture Indians see gold as an emblem of purity, beauty and prosperity, supercial and magical hand is what make their craftsman standout among their counterparts with their jewelry worn by both sex (men and women) it is regarded as one of the most significant adornment which is created with precious metals like gold, silver and diamond.

Considered one of the best investment, Gold can hold it is value or can even increase in price. In the olden days the women of Indians has no access to money though they are blessed with gold and diamond received as gift or inherited from her parent which form an important part of currency exchange and provide financial security.

Dressing good is common across all tradition and is the key to attracting potential partners this is one of the ancient region for attraction to gold. Indian women around the world like to dress up and present favourable picture of their potential partners, as men and women wore jewelry for over a decade it is important cannot be over emphasize as having the most expensive Indian ethnic wears such as Saree, Lehenga, Choli and Salwar Suit, still hardly make the list or notch you on top of the world without the right jewelry.

People travels miles to have an awesome experience and to explore new things and natural beauty, seeing jewelry itself is a beauty. In this article, I have enclose an awesome mystery of 22 karat gold from superficial craftsman with magical hand and creative thinking and vision to produce new things. Attractive handmade earring hold mastery over your look and transfer simple clothing into a stylish outfit. No other piece of jewelry show best part a hair style, structures the face or complement the complexion like the handcrafted earrings.

Jewelry design with 22 karat gold are believe to be of high quality with bright nature and sparkling treasured beauty. India is believe to be the only place in the world to buy the best 22 karat gold.

It's Important To Service Your Swiss Made Automatic Watch Movement

It's Important To Service Your Swiss Made Automatic Watch Movement

When you decide to buy a new Swiss watch, you know that you are not only buying a beautiful watch as you know that you are buying a trustworthy watch. After all, Swiss watches are known for being the most precise watches in the world.

However, one of the things that you may not know is that in order for your Swiss watch to continue to work as usual, you need to get a service Swiss movement every once in a while. Why? There are many reasons why you want to ensure that you take your watch to a reliable Swiss watch repair. Let's take a closer look at some of the most important reasons.

A service Swiss movement will help you maintain your Swiss watch cleaned and oiled all the time. As you probably know, all those small pieces that are inside your Swiss watch and that work so well, are oiled. However, this oil tends to dry out throughout time. So, when this happens, your lovely Swiss watch that was supposed to last forever simply stops working and you don't have an idea why.

In addition, the service Swiss movement will also take care of the cleaning of your watch. No matter if the case joints are well sealed or not, dust tends to get in and accumulate inside your watch. While this wouldn't be a big problem, the reality is that it can easily become one. After all, the dust that gets inside your Swiss watch will mix with oil. So, a grinding paste will start to form and this can wear out all the watch components fairly easy.  

While your Swiss watch will continue to work seemingly even if you don't get a service Swiss movement, the truth is that you may be damaging it and wearing it up without even noticing. After all, most people don't open their watches and they really shouldn't, especially with Swiss watches. It is always better to take it to a Swiss watch repair professional who knows what he is doing. After all, inside your watch, all the pieces are incredibly tiny and you may end up doing more wrong than good.

The main problem of not getting a service Swiss movement is that while you may not notice, your watch is being damaged and worn out. And when your watch finally stops working, it may be too late to repair it. This can be especially true for old watches since old watches replacement parts are, in most cases, no longer available.

In case you have an old Swiss watch, the service Swiss movement is even more important. Besides the fact that it is your responsibility to maintain the Swiss watch working and pass it through the next generation of your family, old watches tend to be not very well sealed. So, it will be a lot easier for them to get the dust inside and form that grease or paste we mentioned above.

- Randolph Victor

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