Gearing Up For Spring 2021? Here’s What You Must Have in Your Closet

Are you looking to make a style statement this spring? Do you want to up your fashion game? Worry not! After hours of detailed research into the fashion and jewelry trends 2021, we have compiled a list of what’s hot this spring. Read below and plan your outfits according to the fashion trends 2021.

Embrace The Jewels!

From stud earrings to big hoops, jewelry trends have come a long way. With the most suitable trendy and chic necklace or earrings, you can easily make your outfit a hit with everyone! Here's what you need to keep close in Spring 2021.

1. Pearls are pretty again

Gone is the time when pearls were only your grandma’s go-to jewelry. In the coming spring season, pearl necklaces and pearl earrings are all game! Pair your pearly pieces with a maxi dress or a floral shirt and your outfit will make heads turn!

2. Go Beautiful with Beach Beads

After spending summer 2020 in quarantine, everyone misses going to the beach. There's no better way to honor this memory by pairing up your casual shirt with bright, rich and colorful beach beads jewelry.

3. Back with the Chains

Remember when it was all about the chains? Jewelry trends 2021 are all about those big, small, delicate and heavy chains. Start accessorizing your daily outfits with some handmade or store bought chains for a new-look this season. Go bold or go simple but embrace the chains this season!

4. Let the Earrings Hang Loose

Spring 2021 will bring with it shoulder-grazing earrings. It's time to fill your jewelry box with some long, style pieces of shoulder-grazing earrings. This season, put on your mask and still be the center of attention with your shiny or dull, feathery or rusty shoulder-grazing earrings.

5. Silver Shines Brightly

Let your gold pieces rest this season. Jewelry trends 2021 are all about that silver shine. As you head out to a party or even to the local market, don’t forget to accessorize correctly with a silver ring or a silver chain to pin together any casual or formal outfit.

6. Go Metallic

Hard and rough metallic pieces are making their way in jewelry trends 2021. It’s time you toughen up your game by putting aside your delicate pieces of jewelry. Pair up a crushed metallic piece of jewelry with your monochrome outfit or an oversized boyfriend jacket.

7. Abstract is Beautiful

Many designers have made friends with abstract jewelry designs for Spring 2021. So make sure you have few abstract pieces of jewelry in your vanity box to make the right statement at every dinner party and lunch date.

Dress To Impress!

Now that you know what to add to your jewelry box this season, let's work on filling in your wardrobe by keeping up with the fashion trends 2021. From designers' favorite pieces to the celebrity's go-to colors, we've prepared a list that includes trendy, chic and easy-on-the-budget outfit choices.

1. Wear White

For fashion trends 2021, white is the favorite color of all. It is the best time to take out that old white hoodie or that white scarf and pair it with a colorful dress. You cannot go wrong with a white dress when you add a pearl necklace or a chain to your outfit.

2. Magnificent Monochrome

The ultimate chic color combo- black and white is the next big thing for fashion trends 2021. Buy a black skirt to pair it with a white shirt or go for a chequered monochrome baggy trouser this season! You could also create new and fashionable outfits by cutting old outfits and stitching them together. Get working and create (or buy) trendy pieces for Spring 2021.

3. Pretty Pastels

Pastel colors continue to dominate the fashion world in Spring 2021. Pastels are beautiful and soft color options for your summer outfits. Embrace those mint greens, pinks and azures this season. To make a lasting impression in 2021, go with a lavender-colored dress or a minty green skirt paired with a whimsy yellow shirt.

4. Flowers are in!

If you’re someone who loves floral patterns, Spring 2021 brings you good news! Floral jackets, floral dresses, floral shirts are all a big yes this season. Get your hands on a bright and beautiful floral piece as soon as you can. It will bring the right color pop to your outfit.

5. Feathery Fun

Bird feathers are making their way in fashion trends 2021. Make your outfits speak for themselves by going for feathery sleeves or feathery skirts this season. And what better way to accessorize your feathery dress than with some abstract or metallic pieces of jewelry?

6. Let The Pants Loose

Skinny jeans or pants may not be the way to go this season. The trending wide-legged pants this Spring 2021 will help you hide those extra five pounds! Go crazy with baggy trousers using hit color choices such as dull yellow, camel or plain white.

7. The Revival of Headscarves

The 50s and 60s are making their way into fashion trends 2021 with the headscarves. Add a colorful or single-colored silk headscarf to your outfit to save your hair from damage. A headscarf, along with your mask, will also give you a celebrity-feel. Your floral dress or pastel skirt will stand out with a silk headscarf. Style your headscarf by tying it under the chin and feel pretty!

With these jewelry trends and fashion trends 2021, take a chance this time! Do not be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. You may end up liking it more than you expect!