It's Important To Service Your Swiss Made Automatic Watch Movement

It's Important To Service Your Swiss Made Automatic Watch Movement

When you decide to buy a new Swiss watch, you know that you are not only buying a beautiful watch as you know that you are buying a trustworthy watch. After all, Swiss watches are known for being the most precise watches in the world.

However, one of the things that you may not know is that in order for your Swiss watch to continue to work as usual, you need to get a service Swiss movement every once in a while. Why? There are many reasons why you want to ensure that you take your watch to a reliable Swiss watch repair. Let's take a closer look at some of the most important reasons.

A service Swiss movement will help you maintain your Swiss watch cleaned and oiled all the time. As you probably know, all those small pieces that are inside your Swiss watch and that work so well, are oiled. However, this oil tends to dry out throughout time. So, when this happens, your lovely Swiss watch that was supposed to last forever simply stops working and you don't have an idea why.

In addition, the service Swiss movement will also take care of the cleaning of your watch. No matter if the case joints are well sealed or not, dust tends to get in and accumulate inside your watch. While this wouldn't be a big problem, the reality is that it can easily become one. After all, the dust that gets inside your Swiss watch will mix with oil. So, a grinding paste will start to form and this can wear out all the watch components fairly easy.  

While your Swiss watch will continue to work seemingly even if you don't get a service Swiss movement, the truth is that you may be damaging it and wearing it up without even noticing. After all, most people don't open their watches and they really shouldn't, especially with Swiss watches. It is always better to take it to a Swiss watch repair professional who knows what he is doing. After all, inside your watch, all the pieces are incredibly tiny and you may end up doing more wrong than good.

The main problem of not getting a service Swiss movement is that while you may not notice, your watch is being damaged and worn out. And when your watch finally stops working, it may be too late to repair it. This can be especially true for old watches since old watches replacement parts are, in most cases, no longer available.

In case you have an old Swiss watch, the service Swiss movement is even more important. Besides the fact that it is your responsibility to maintain the Swiss watch working and pass it through the next generation of your family, old watches tend to be not very well sealed. So, it will be a lot easier for them to get the dust inside and form that grease or paste we mentioned above.

- Randolph Victor