The art of making jewelry dates back to 100,000 years to a time when ancient crafted jewelry for personal decoration. Throughout history gold has been treasured for its natural beauty and sparkling nature. The gradual discovery of ornamental materials and new gems in combination with the modern procedure of crafting jewelry made it to be the most treasured element in the world.

You must have heard from the history that the world jewelry is derived from the Latin word Jocale meaning “plaything”

Gold is measured in Karat which is divided in 24 parts. This unit of measurement tells us the percentage of gold in pieces. Pure gold is 24 carats, which means 24 out of 24 parts are gold but pure gold is too soft for jewelry hence it’s alloyed with different metals silver, zinc, bronze and copper to increase its strength and durability.

22 karat gold is the common trade gold across the Asian community and refers to purity of gold, one interesting fact is 22 karat consist of some portion of alloy mixed with gold but you’ll be surprised to find out that 22 karat is considered ideal or the best choice for making quality jewelry, 22 karat jewelry are dream of all the enchanting ladies with pierce desire to stand on top of the world which offer men and women a choice for their regular changing jewelry.

In the olden days it was worn as protection from the dangers of life (the like of Mangalsutra is known to control body pressure level and make steady circulation in the body of the person wearing it) it is culturally believe that wearing gold is good for health and prevent the person wearing it from falling sick. It is also seeing as a mark of status or rank but in our modern day of passion and desire it is most atime seeing as sign of rich heritage.

India is popularly known for its vision for beauty, art and life, unique and intricate design and quality, the Art and Culture of India cannot be fully understood without understanding the fashion of gold procurement in India. As the idea of beauty varies for different culture Indians see gold as an emblem of purity, beauty and prosperity, supercial and magical hand is what make their craftsman standout among their counterparts with their jewelry worn by both sex (men and women) it is regarded as one of the most significant adornment which is created with precious metals like gold, silver and diamond.

Considered one of the best investment, Gold can hold it is value or can even increase in price. In the olden days the women of Indians has no access to money though they are blessed with gold and diamond received as gift or inherited from her parent which form an important part of currency exchange and provide financial security.

Dressing good is common across all tradition and is the key to attracting potential partners this is one of the ancient region for attraction to gold. Indian women around the world like to dress up and present favourable picture of their potential partners, as men and women wore jewelry for over a decade it is important cannot be over emphasize as having the most expensive Indian ethnic wears such as Saree, Lehenga, Choli and Salwar Suit, still hardly make the list or notch you on top of the world without the right jewelry.

People travels miles to have an awesome experience and to explore new things and natural beauty, seeing jewelry itself is a beauty. In this article, I have enclose an awesome mystery of 22 karat gold from superficial craftsman with magical hand and creative thinking and vision to produce new things. Attractive handmade earring hold mastery over your look and transfer simple clothing into a stylish outfit. No other piece of jewelry show best part a hair style, structures the face or complement the complexion like the handcrafted earrings.

Jewelry design with 22 karat gold are believe to be of high quality with bright nature and sparkling treasured beauty. India is believe to be the only place in the world to buy the best 22 karat gold.